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Program Objectives

The ENLACE bi-national summer research program at UC San Diego aims to encourage the participation of high school students, college students, and researchers/teachers, in research in the sciences and engineering, while promoting cross-border friendships in the Baja California/San Diego region.

The program is an opportunity to explore a variety of interests through work on varied projects ranging from the use of advanced characterization tools for the development of new materials, computational biophysics to explore dynamic molecular recognition events, and synthesis of new compounds for energy technologies. It is a dynamic summer internship program that is dedicated to nurturing the vast potential each student possesses, and challenging them to always consider science in the context of societal needs.

ENLACE 2018 Program Dates
  • Student Programs (High School and College): June 24 - August 10, 2018
  • Researcher/Teacher Program: Negotiable
Application - DEADLINE: February 9, 2018
  • The application instructions and application form can be downloaded here.
  • In addition to the application form, the following documents must be submitted:

    A. Students only: A two-page essay written by the student describing why he/she is interested in the fields of science and engineering, why he/she wants to participate in the program, and what specific field of science or engineering he/she is most interested in;
    B. Students only: a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher or college professor that describes why the student is an appropriate candidate for this program;
    C. Students only: A copy of school transcripts;
    D. All applicants: The UC San Diego volunteer packet.

Full applications are to be submitted by email to enlace@ucsd.edu. All documents must be submitted by the deadline of February 9, 2018.


Prof. Olivia A. Graeve
University of California, San Diego
Tel: (858) 246-0146
Email: enlace@ucsd.edu